A Campsite for the Minimalist Explorer

A modern, bicentennial headquarters.
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Take a minute to imagine the future of camping. Sound's weird, but I beg you. Just take a second to think of the endless possibilities garnered through creativity and architecture. But, don't think for too long, because ladies and gentlemen, the future of camping already exists. 

Set among the Redwoods in Sonoma, AutoCamp is the new appreciated vogue for the daredevils looking to camp without the hassle. This luxury campsite is comprised of 24 modern Airstreams, 10 safari-style tents, and a mid-century modern clubhouse all designed by Dan Weber Architecture. 

Each traveler trailer features a 4-star hotel experience fueled by a queen size mattress, a kitchen, sleeper sofa, soaker tub, and walk-in shower. In addition, canvas tenets were created for those looking for amore rugged, traditional experience. These include a fire pit, grill, private patio and queen bed, which doesn;t really equate to roughing it here. But, hey it's a start I guess. And for a whopping $139 a night, you could enjoy the stunning landscapes of Sonoma. For more information, visit here