Awkward: Marc Jacobs Posts Nude Selfie on IG

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Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a nude selfie-- to his Instagram-- supposedly meant to be a direct message-- publicly.

We've all had those awkward internet moments, right? You hit send on a text you wish you wouldn't have and want to immediately go back in time and erase what you did?

Well usually us commoners can recover and do damage control pretty quickly.

Unfortunately for celebs, making one critical mistake, can be a major blunder. Jacobs posted a nude selfie on his IG timeline, which was meant to apparently go to someone's DM.

Can you see awkward? It was quickly deleted, but of course, the internet had it's way with the fail and there was enough screenshots to catch the mistake.

With almost 200K Instagram followers, this type of fail doesn't go away easily.

We're not too worried for Jacobs, though. It won't be long before the next celeb posts something outrageous and this will all be forgotten.


Watch this clip from Complex to learn more:


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