Aziz Ansari Believes There Is So Much Wrong With the Texting and Dating Era

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Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy. This type of annoying one-word text is the quickest way to lose a girl's interest according to comedian and Parks and Rec veteran Aziz Ansari.


Modern Romance: An Investigation,” is a book written by Ansari with sociologist Eric Klinenberg, that looks at how singles communicate through their phones.

For the book, focus groups of men offered up text messages for the two authors to analyze.

Ansari was not impressed: “I’ve spent hours talking with women and seeing the kind of ‘first texts’ they get from guys,” he writes, “and trust me, it’s infuriating. These were intelligent, attractive, amazing women and they all deserved better.” Washington Post

Thank you Aziz, at least someone noticed.

The Washington Post got their hands on some of his thoughts on texts and here are some of his biggest pet peeves (ours too).

1. Generic “hey” texts. These texts are super impersonal, dull and come off as lazy. Major turnoff.

2. The secretary problem. Don't be flaky. Don't kinda, sorta make plans and therefore never follow through or always cancelling. Lame.

3. The endless back-and-forth. We don't care that you're going to the grocery store to pick up some protein bars. This mundane texting causes us to be very bored with you on the first date. Leave that for farther down the line.

4. Grammar/spelling: Know the difference between you're and your, please. We know not everyone won their middle school spelling bee, but at least try. That wuld bee grate.

5. Are we “hanging out” or going out on a date? Be straightforward. Neither of you should be asking yourself this question afterwards. Know the stakes upfront.