Ban on Late Night Dancing Lifted in Japan

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It's about damn time.

There's alot of happy Japanese night life lovers in Japan right about now. Japan being one of the world's most popular culture capitals, has just become cooler. The Fueiho law, effective since 1948, has dictated the country’s nightlife scene for years, preventing dance clubs (in particular) from staying open past midnight without a special license.

C'mon, you cant be serious. They gave adults a curfew?

The Japan Times recently reported that the 67-year-old ban has been lifted – but not without a catch-22, of course.


The law has been moderated to allow dance clubs with lighting over 10 lux (which equates to double the light seen during twilight hours) to stay open for 24 hours. Under Fueiho, dance clubs were seen as being “adult entertainment establishments,” which made it difficult to get your freak on in Tokyo on a weekend.

The revised and refreshed law of Fueiho will go down in 2016 which will bring out more Japanese police in the nightlife, according to writer Adrienne Black. They'll be watching those lights for proper guidelines, and not dancing to the strobe light.