And the Beat Goes on for FIFA and Sepp Blatter

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fifa president sepp blatter resigns

With Sepp Blatter officially resigning from FIFA, one has to wonder if he did so because of mounting pressure from the FBI investigation or just to save face in an ever widening scandal.

The FBI has confirmed in their investigation that there are circumstances behind the awarding of 2018 and 2022 World Cups. It’s doubtful that any change will occur especially with Qatar already in the clear of any wrong-doing. Blatter will stay on and oversee the "reform" process, which assures he will most likely have a hand in naming his successor, this may not bode well for the sport.

Sponsors are beginning to make their move away from the sport so it will be very interesting going forward to see what, if any, actual changes take place in the sport and most of all how transparent FIFA will be in the future.

As of right now the storm clouds are circling over the world’s most popular sport and as long as Sepp Blatter is at the helm or wielding power and influence from afar nothing feels any different.