Bernie Sanders Makes Moves And Aligns With Activists

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Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the junior senator from Vermont, who has gained traction as a presidential contender was interrupted as he began a speech on the campaign trail in Seattle, Washington.

Sanders was interrupted by members of the Black Lives Matter movement and was never able to take the podium and deliver his speech, but that doesn’t mean Sanders didn’t listen.

While Sanders progressivist platform has looked to right the economic inequalities facing minorities the Black Lives Matter movement is urging Sanders to focus more on racial injustice as a systemic problem unrelated to just socio-economics.

Sanders took the opportunity to announce the hiring of Symone Sanders (no relation) as his national press secretary. Symone Sanders, a black criminal justice advocate and the national youth chair of the Coalition on Juvenile Justice, will serve as the spokeswoman for the campaign and work with Sanders to craft a platform that will closely align the Senator with the the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sanders is paying dividends for the campaign and has already managed to, along with Bernie Sanders on the heels of his Portland rally this week, arrange a meeting with six Don't Shoot Portland activists.

In the latest poll conducted by Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll Sanders topped Clinton with 44% compared to her 37% support among likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire. The Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll was conducted August 7-10, it surveyed 442 likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.7%.