The All-Time Best Albums of 1998

Taking a flash back to the a great time in music history!
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The year 1998 sounded melodious in a new light. Mainstream music that had fuelled first half of the 90’s decade was gradually disappearing with nü-metal taking its place. With mp3s, Napster and teen pop music, CDs were replacing the cassette deck. This era was  slightly beginning to be defined by electronic music. Though the music in the current day offers both fresh as well as rediscovered music, several tracks from 1998 pleasantly chime in our ears even today.

While the list of chartbusters from the past period is lengthy, we discuss a few popular ones in this article to enliven your memories to strike a musical chord. The best UK online casino has kept tabs on the biggest and famous albums of 1998 and collected them for you to cherish that music again. Here are some of the best we have listed.

*Boards of Canada, “Music has the right to children”: This may not have been entirely a pop fare, yet the album brought tone poems, captivating sounds and enchanting experience to the listeners.

*Beck, “Mutations”: This borrowed more from the folk and country and rose as an exception to the alt-country movement of the 90’s era. Some of his songs such as “Nobody’s fault but my own” and “Cancelled check” feature as the best-written ones.

Photo of PJ Harvey

Photo of PJ Harvey

*PJ Harvey, Listed as one of the most powerful vocal performances to date delivered by PJ, this song captured the essence of myriad emotions experienced by women.

*Windy and Carl, “Depths”: Ranging from guitar, voice, bass and many other effect pedals to soft tones, the duo’s music was conventionally ambient and absorbent.

Theo Parrish

*Theo Parrish, “First Floor”: His music ranged from classic house music to fun and jazz. It was his debut album that transcended disco into new territory. It encased much space between acid, techno and the conventional.

*Massive Attack, “Mezzanine”: This pushed the genre onto the pop podium from the trip-hop musical genre.

*Cat Power, “Moon Pix”: The album features the track that sounded her deep voice and relayed her drinking conditions that persisted for years after the release of the record. Her rock songs felt more spiritual and touched many hearts.

*Eric Clapton,” Pilgrim”: Clapton’s rewarding lengthy career witnessed a further boost with the 90’s “Unplugged” and “From the cradle” that pleased his fan base and won accolades on the radio as well.

Eric Clapton

Photo Of  Eric Clapton

The decade was flooded with boy bands and much girl power. The pop universe of 1998 was not only gleaming with the music of the like but embed classic rockers such as Eric Clapton and John Mellencamp and others who proved that their music endorsed equivalent vitality in the musical world. The list of albums from 90’s epitomised the music created by instruments such as guitars and bequests that cracked it up loud.

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