The Strategy to launch your music

Here's where to market your music for the best outcome
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Have you been looking for a social media strategy for your music this year? The social media platform is wide and enables you to grow your followers through seamless interactions and enhanced visibility. Here are a few ideas that could offer your pages a lift. Online websites devoted to music enthusiasts make use of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to increase the visibility and outreach via unique campaigns.

If you try new things on social media this year that other brands aren’t following, you have a much better chance of exciting your audience and engaging them on your website. The UK casino online has put together the most innovative and best music social media campaigns to help you choose the right campaign for your music marketing. You can incorporate these into your upcoming social media campaign.


You can use this medium to invite ‘likers’ of your Facebook posts to give a thumbs-up to your artist page. By clicking on the ‘likes’ you can access the list of people who interacted with your post and if you want to promote it beyond those who’ve viewed and liked it, click on ‘invite’ to attract more audience.


The Twitter lists can be handy in managing your life as a musician as they also help you reach out to your target audience and boost relationships. The custom lists could comprise producers, labels, PR agencies, music blogs and more.

Blog Posts

There are several online programs that can help you put up a blog post with much ease. The posts need not be long and could simply be a collection of photos with a bit of text that documents gigs played at your studio. Writing about a show, adding some images from the event and linking them to your fans can attract a lot of attention to your profile. These facelift your profiles and offers greater opportunities to extend broaden your network and range by others in your penned thoughts. You can also send your post to those featured in it and you see that they too share the blog post. Working as a medium of networking, this platform also adds up as great content for your social channels as well.

  • Google Alerts: You can simply set up a Gmail account dedicated to your performing arts. With this, you can set Google Alerts for your band or your single albums. This means that you will be notified at any instance when you have mentioned anywhere on the web. It can help you connect widely across the globe.
  • Inbound advertising: This is just as way to attract people to your landing page. It can be done by using third party links. For instance, you could create your own banner dedicated to your music when posting an article on any general activity. Using this feature, you can also get the statistics on how your posts perform. This can give you details on which of your content are keeping your fans more engaged.
  • Landing page: This refers to a page on your website where your audience can land on, listen to music and may even purchase it. Ensuring that all your social posts are linked to one page will make it simpler and well directed. This page can also be used to stream profiles and embed live feeds.
  • Using trending hashtags#: Hashtags can work well especially if your content is related to the latest trends of the day. You can use this to highlight any of your unique ideas as this can increase your visibility among those who weren’t aware of your existence earlier.

Often tagging people involved in your photos or videos of your events could increase the range of your post by appearing on your friend’s newsfeeds.

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