BETTER RE Will Turn Your Used Smartphone Battery Into a Portable Charger

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So you've had that cell phone for the last 3 years of your life.

In all honesty, there's no reason to keep it. We've all heard about the conserving money technique, where one simply skips on phone upgrades year to year. Yeah, it does save some cash. But eventually your cell tech becomes a paper weight every day you don't upgrade. Yeah, you still use it, but the world is slowly stepping away from your phone and hopping aboard with the new.

Once you finally decide, enough is enough, out with the old, in with the new, the question still remains. What do you do with that old clunker of a cell phone? Believe it or not, despite your old phone's decrease in battery performance, there's actually still life left in that thing. 80% worth of lithium-ion power cells to be exact. This is why trade in values are great when you exchange for a new phone - the battery.

 Cell phone battery reincarnation.

Cell phone battery reincarnation.

Thanks to a KickStarter campaign, BETTER RE aims to "better reuse" your old smartphone battery by determining which of your batteries have enough efficiency, then turning them into a power source. In other words, a kick-ass external battery for your new phone as a backup power supply.

Talk about reincarnation.

Each battery is turned into a sleek, awesomely designed power pack that now can be backup power for any of your electronics capable of USB charging. This actually helps with saving cash, because you don't have to go out to your local electronic mega store and buy one that's overpriced, because of it's name or reviews. This is definitely something to look into if your looking for a cool way to recycle that dusty piece of technology on the dresser.

For more information, check out its KickStarter page, with 45 hours left (as of press time) to back the cause which has already raised $60,000 USD.