Beyoncé Cowriter Says “Love Drought” Is a Diss Song to Beyoncé’s Label

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Meet Ingrid Burley, a co-writer behind Beyonce's Lemonade album. Her longtime frustration with Parkwood Entertainment inspired most of the lyrics on the record, if not almost every song that made the cut.

In a recent interview, Burley stated “the only way I could really get over it was kinda, like, hehe, she’s gonna sing this song I wrote about her label one day!”

While most assumed that Beyonce's Lemonade reflected her personal marriage in "trouble", it's now coming out that may not just be the case.

The record "Love Drought" in particular. According to Burley, it was an actual diss to Beyonce's label, Parkwood Entertainment.

According to Mike Dean, cowriter and producer, he states that "Love Drought" “didn’t change from the day [they] recorded it. It’s been the same for a couple years.”

Here's the drama behind her diss:

Two years prior, Burley was signed to Parkwood Entertainment. Burley states that “two of the people who were running the label at the time lied to [her] and told [her] that Beyoncé wasn’t currently listening to any new music.” 

At a later writing camp, an A&R from the label confirmed that Beyonce was in fact listening to new music, contrary to what she'd been initially told.

Heading back to the writing camp that day, Burley “couldn’t get out of her head the fact that they just lied to [her].”

And thats where some of the key lyrics kick in on "Love Drought".

  1. “10 times out of nine, I know you lying.”
  2. “you and me could calm a war down” in reference to her personal music relationship.

Watch Ingrid Burley’s full account in the video short below, where she completely sets the record straight.