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Black Missouri Students Evacuate Campus After Death Threats

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Last night, a slew of racist were driving around The University of Missouri threatening the lives of black students. 

Ever since the resignation of Tim Wolfe, racist white students have been trying to terrorize the black students. The black students are now evacuating the campus to protect themselves. A message was sent through the anonymous app Yik Yak threatening the black students.

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Another message on Yik Yak wrote,

"Dear black people. Sorry I’m white! Just remember though! You get $10,000 diversity scholarship to come here. I don’t. #minorityprivelage[sic],”

There are reports of white students riding around in pickup trucks calling out racial slurs. One student sent out a slew of tweets last night saying how afraid she was after being terrorized by these people.

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According to the official Twitter of MU, there was no threats at that time. These accounts can not be fake.

Hunter M. Park has been arrested in connection with the anonymous Yik Yak messages.

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