Bodybuilder Chugs 7-8 Energy Drinks, Dies From Liver Cancer

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The adverse effects of drinking amped up energy supplements can be fatal, just like in this case where death ends another life.

"British bodybuilder Dean Wharmby crammed 10,000 calories a day into his dietary regimen, daily chugged 7-8 energy drinks, and gorged on fatty foods. For a time, he even took steroids to bulk up and build his dreamed-of washboard abs."

Unfortunately, this diet caught up to him causing liver cancer, ultimately taking his life. Many of those who knew Wharmby were shocked at their finding of this happening.

“I can’t say it was the diet for sure, but things like the energy drinks could be contributing factors. Says Wharmby's father. "Red meats — all things we have found out have so many impurities in them now.”

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Source:Conspiracy Club