Boy Dresses In His Mum's Clothes To Buy MD 20/20

Creative and impressive...but MD 20/20? Come on kid, step it up.
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The days of getting fake ID's are over. Although we do not condone under-age drinking, this is pretty genius. Why grow a beard when you can just dress sup as your mom to get a bottle of liquor? Sounds crazy right? But that's what one kid from Ayshire, Scotland did when he borrowed his mom's ID and dressed like her. Let's just say this is what happens when desperation and creativity meet. 


 The pictures have gone viral with over 23,000 likes and 6,000 sahes on Facebook. The kid disguises his mother perfectly, donning a blue coat, scarf, bonnet, and sunglasses. And we have to admit, it was pretty convincing, seeing as though he was able to walk out the store with MD 20/20. Some praised him for his creative problem solving. Mastering the art of disguise is a skill. But let's be real. If we could dress up and get booze, it sure wouldn't be MD 20/20. Good work, but step it up kid.