Brandon Marshall Says "White Players..Are Treated Differently" With NFL Discipline

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New York Jets wider receiver Brandon Marshall went on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" on Tuesday and made an interesting comment in light of Tom Brady and the whole Deflategate situations.

Marshall said, "There are a lot of players out there that believe that—white players specifically, at the quarterback position—are treated differently."

Tom Brady's suspension was released and Marshall believes that "if this were Cam Newton, that his suspension would be upheld, and he would be there, that the judge would see Cam Newton differently because of the color of his skin."

He continues to reply saying, ""Well, when you look back at the history of this sport, you can build a case on that, yes."

Former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason pointed out that white playesr have been suspended "as much as black players" at times. But, Marshall points out that this is a discussion that is happening in the lockerroom among everyone of every race.

"It's just not African-American players," Marshall said. "I've had this conversation with Caucasian players as well. The most important part of this whole discussion is the process for the players. They just want the process to be fair and right. They just want to get it right."