Brooklyn Man Accused of Video Chatting Deaf Service over 4,000 Times for his Own Pleasure

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51-year-old, David Marcano is being sued by ZVRS for misusing their software. ZVRS is a software used so that people who are deaf can interact with a sign language interpreter who can place and translate calls on behalf of the impaired caller. 

PLOT TWIST, David Marcano is not deaf. Marcano made over 4,646 calls to the service for the purpose of masturbating to the female interpreters. The company claims everytime they cancelled his account, he simply created another one using fake names. He changes his alias slightly to names like "Davey Mareno," "Davey Mar," "Dave Mard," and more to be able to access the account. He has had approximately 24 emails according to the company.

The company is currently working on an injunction so that Marcano can no longer use their software.