No worries, save your arm muscles for more useful things. The future is here!

To redeem 2016, Simone Giertz has created a sh**tty robot. I mean it can literally wipe your ass for you. 

The robot is quite genius, minus the extravagant bells, whistles and beautiful visual aesthetic, it gets the job done. It is basically a roll of toilet paper mounted on a power drill. Once you drop your load, the drill swings down, jams the roll in your crack and at roughly 1000 RPM, the job is done! 


Well, that's only if it doesn't miss and fill the entire bowl with toilet paper while leaving you unsanitary. Lets just say that there are a lot of kinks to be worked out before it hits shelves. 


Extreme? Maybe, but this is where the future has already taken us. From flying cars to motion censored light systems and homes that respond to our psychological states, a robot that has the capability to wipe your butt is not too far fetched. So, advance the human race and unclinch your butt hole and experience the glory of the future! To the moon people! To the moon!