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CAEDEN Presents Lindsay Jang #FindYourBalance

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Lindsay Jang speaks on 'balance' in many ways in her newest interview with CAEDEN, which debuted via Being the Co-owner of Yardbird, Ronin, Sundays Grocery, MISSBISH and TOPFIT, on top of being a Restaurateur, Mother of two and Yogi? Lets just sayit's essential that time-management be in place to keep the wheels turning productively for Lindsay Jang's sake. In the video above, Jang speaks on how she juggles her business and personal life while finding solitude in the things she's passionate in. A very inspiring video, it is.

"The most beautiful thing about the human body and mind is it's ability to be so disconnected, but with conscious effort - you can make them 'one'."

- Lindsay Jang