Canadian Artist Shara Gibson and Family Have Built the Ultimate Getaway

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It seems that music isn't Shara Gibson's only passion. The Canadian singer/songwriter also owns an idyllic yurt in Mattawa, Ontario which Shara and her family built from the ground up with intentions to expand.

The yurt sits on 600 acres of land along a private river and national park. The exclusive and private getaway is now available for rent all year-round with enough space to accommodate a group of five.


Shara and her family are very proud of the accomplishments as they view this only as the first step of their project. With the land vastly filled with horses, the family look toward also populating the field with buffalo as it used to be a German buffalo farm decades ago.

They are currently laying the proper infrastructure in order for this vision to happen. There vision doesn't stop there as they ultimately plan to launch a microbrewery as well.

It is also encouraged the visitors interact with the horses that are on the land. It's about a four hour drive if you're in the Toronto area.


The location of the area is alongside the Mattawa and Ottawa rivers which provide the all-around wildlife experience. The environment is inviting for hiking, biking and even swimming and canoeing as it hosts its own exclusive river and beach.


80% of the furniture was built organically by wood in the forest. It also features a hand-made yoga platform, fire pit, and firewood for fun nightly activities. What better way to host a family vacation than an full wildlife exploration.

You can find the yurt on Airbnb for the rate of CAD $71 a night.

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