According to the DEA, all marijuana extracts are illegal.

This past week, the DEA announced that a new synthetic CBD oil would become a Schedule I drug as of December 14. 

In a statement they addressed the following: 

 "Extracts of marijuana will continue to be treated as Schedule I controlled substances," according to the DEA notice, upholding what the Administration's stance has been this whole time: that all marijuana extracts are illegal.


This new law is alarming given the fact that many businesses, patients and other consumers rely heavily on the CBD products extracted from marijuana, which cannot get you high. CBD has less than .03 percent of THC and is highly regarded as accepted and harmless. Patients have used cannabis oils to cure and treat heart disease, skin disease, stress and anxiety. According to many sources, daily doses of cannabis oil can cure cancer.  

This new law is what we call "illegal overreach." 

But no worries! 

Even if the DEA says that CBD is illegal, it cannot enforce the new code in green states which is protected by this amendment. So, use your oils my forward thinking herbalists! 

We wont let them defeat us. 

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