CeeLo Green Releases New Mobile Video Game Called "CeeLo's Joyride"

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CeeLo Green has officially joined other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Tom Hanks and Katy Perry with the shift toward industry-mobile games.

CeeLo's Joyride, which is available for a free download at Apple App Store and Google Player, puts players in control of CeeLo's favorite "shiny, shiny" car. The game begins in the artist's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, however, players are provided different challenges as they navigate through 10 progressively difficult levels, representing a day in the life in CeeLo's hometown.

If the user completes all 10 levels, they will be able to unlock a surprise music video from CeeLo that has never been seen before outside of the game.

“I know for a fact that sometimes your dreams are only a joyride away, and this has been a guidepost for us throughout the creative process on CeeLo’s Joyride,” said CeeLo Green. “If my fans enjoy playing the game as much as I do, folks are going to be having a real good time—until they crash!”

Check out more information on the game here http://ceelosjoyride.com.