Celebrities Appear in Police Brutality PSA

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In a video organized by Mic, We are Here Movement, and Alicia Keys, dozens of black celebrities created a video that highlights the long list of ways black Americans die at the hands of the police. Keys, Rihanna, Common, Chris Rock, Taraji P. Henson, Chance the Rapper, Beyonce, and others each described seemingly simple actions that have resulted in state murders against black people.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_VaNhI4CLo]The celebrities come together to give 23 actions by black people that have resulted in deaths, a powerful statement from the high-profiled black celebrities. The examples, ranging from laughing to selling CDs, put in context the unfair and destructive devaluing of black lives in America. As described in the original Mic article, written by Jamilah King, the effort was out of genuine interest from the celebrities.

"Alicia Keys organized dozens of America's highest profile black celebrities to make a powerful statement about black lives and to speak out against the unacceptable normalcy of police brutality. ... It's moving to see that celebrities have taken charge of telling this story. What we're seeing now are black entertainers — singers, actors, athletes and artists who are deeply in tune with what's happening in the United States — speaking out, taking action."