Chance The Rapper Tackles Stage-Rusher In Miami

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A fan rushed the stage at Chance The Rapper's show in Miami on Monday night and the rapper was having none of it. In a pretty aggressive move, the stage rusher grabs Chance from behind mid-song, who looks visibly startled.

Fortunately, Chance did not hesitate to react and quickly pivoted, tackling the guy down to the ground as his signature 3 hat got knocked off his head before security stepped in. The end of the video from the audience shows the stage rusher being escorted off by multiple security guards.

 Chance didn't comment on the incident, but it seems he is still having a pretty good week. He shared a photo thanking the "wonderful ppl at Universal" for having him and his friends at the park over the weekend. He also has a special after party event going down in Miami Tuesday night before he heads to New Orleans Oct. 13 for his next show as he continues his Magnificent Coloring World Tour that will keep him on the road through November with several Australia dates in December.