Check Out Max Makewell - His Artwork Is Amazing

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The DNA Life chats with Max Makewell about his amazing abilities to "storytell" through art. Peep an excerpt of the interview below and head over to The DNA Life to read the rest. There's more of his artwork over there too.


When was the moment you knew that you wanted to dedicate your life to the arts?

I watched my grandfather’s thick-knuckled hands transform wax into beautiful bronze horses. His bristling creative energy infected my 5 year old imagination. I worked beside him conjuring visions into physical reality using my still soft pale hands. It’s moments like these that made me realize I wanted to devote my life to art.

How do you feel your art has developed since you first started?

When I jog up the steps of the Met I feel a sense of fraternity with all the classical artists celebrated there. Each generation leaves behind a context of skill to for the next to stand on the shoulders of. Since completing my training I feel an obligation to my ancestors to dissect, synthesize, and raise the bar on how deeply art can move each of us.