Chef Kim Sang Jin: "The Proper Way To Eat Live Octopus"

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Yes, this sounds extremely gross. We get it.

Though this may not be the first thing on your menu, nor second, third or any number between one hundred - the thought behind taking down one of the seas ugliest creatures while still alive? Is seriously frightening.

There's a number of thoughts thats running through your head at this moment. And dying is probably 1st on the list. But to our surprise, the way veteran Head Chef Kim Sang Jin of Jongono Octopus explains it, push the casket to the side. You will actually make it out alive eating it this way, with his instructions.

There also seems to be multiple health benefits that comes along with eating the squid, uncooked in its purest form...

"Eating live octopus is very good for your blood sugar levels. Because it contains raw (virgin) taurine. Especially when i'm tired, instead of taking supplements, I cut one up and eat it."


Freshly caught and locally sourced, the octopus is washed and drained by Chef Kim as he cuts the tentacles into small bite-sized pieces. A dash of garlic, chili, and sesame oil tops the dish as it makes its way out to diners. Slow and steady chewing is a recommended route to consuming the traditional live octopus dish, a staple in Korean cuisine.

Enjoy the video above, and leave those comments below. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this one.