Chris Rock Calls The Oscars "The White BET Awards"

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When we got wind that this statement came from Chris Rock, it was undoubtedly believable that he said it. But can you blame him for stating so? It's a mere fact that the Oscars is a White version of the BET Awards, because... well, it's predominantly occupied by white nominees and attendees. Not to mention, most winners are typically... White. Very rarely do we see any Blacks win an Oscar, unless it for f*cking somebody on the big screen (preferably white), or playing a slave in despair. And the fact that Chris Rock is hosting an all white event? Just drives his point home completely.

We've seen the BET Awards before. We know that mostly Black Attendees and nominees attend. We also can state that very rarely do we see a White man win a BET (Black Entertainment Award.) Though it does happen. And every now and then a white guest speaker will pop in here or there.

Call it what you want. Chris Rock is completely right. Who can deny the truth? Oh, and dont forget to hashtag #OscarsSoWhite on Twitter to join in the fun and jokes on this. The Academy Awards are definitely not liking this. (lol)