Community Offers $54,000 and Safety for Anyone With Info on Murder of 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee

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community offers 54,000 dollars for information on tyshawn lee murder

On Monday, 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was shot and killed right near his grandmother's house in Chicago.

No information on Lee's killer has surfaced, despite the police questioning a "person of interest."

The community is offering a $54,000 reward as well as a safe haven and relocation to anyone who may have information, ABC7 reports.

"Come stay in my house until we relocate you, you can stay here, whatever it takes. But please do not allow this murderer to walk around," Pfleger said.

The reward went from $35,000 to the amount now after an anonumous donor contributed $10,000 and a GoFundMe account went up another $1,000, the police said.

"Why do we have to put people in jeopardy because they want to help out? There's got to be a way to get the information without making it public on who gave the information," Ray said. "They have to go home, they have families. They're trying to save their children. I get both sides but my concern is if you don't talk, the person that shot the 9-year-old and the person that shot Terrell is going to shoot again," Bosley said."

If anyone has any information on the shooting, they should call Chicago police at 312-747-8271.