'Compton.' The Official HYPEFRESH® Review.

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An interesting way to start the album. Reported statistics and a bit of history on Compton, CA. Not sure what to expect next... Here we go.



"Talk About It"

Whoa. This album started off on FIRE! Definetly not the usual Dr. Dre production style. Modernized, next-generation sound. Epic bassline, trill hats and crazy drops. Dr. Dre murders his verse, sounding youthful like back in those 'Compton' days. King Mez & Justus compliment this record with perfection.


Dr. Dre is a genius. You gotta love his drum-play. Never heard anything like this. Sounds like a pitched TR-808, layered with a crispy ass snare and some clean hats. Lyrics, super dope. Kendrick Lamar? Extra, super dope. This guy is like the black Marshall Mathers of our generation. Oh, the bridge in this record is hella-hot.

"It's All On Me"

A change of pace here. Slower, laid back beat with an ill sample. Dope hook with awesome vocalists... Great storytelling by the Doctor on this one. Loving his illustration. Paints a perfect picture.



"All In a Day's Work"

The Doctor voices his frustrations on the pressure of being in his shoes. "Gotta get back to work", even though he's under heavy demand daily. Interesting. Production is stellar. Lyrics are playfully entertaining.

"Darkside Gone"

Back to the New-Generation sound, but still very G-Funk. A perfect blend, in my opinion. Oh, whoa... The beat changes completely halfway through! Damn, this is dope. A clean ass piano, and a crooning Marsha Ambrosious is introduced. Kendrick is back, burning down my speakers with some ill ass lyrics.

"Loose Cannons"

Crazy horns stabs start this one out. Reminds you of the start of an oldies classic. The track has a pretty cool swing to it - very gritty drums, wasn't prepared for that. Oh, hey the track goes back to the hard gritty sound from earlier... Wow, crazy way to end the track with a cool ass skit.



Love the bounce on this one. Crazy guitar... Nice drum bop on this. Ice Cube starts this one off, murdering those bars as always. T-Pain's on the hook... Where'd he come from??? I smell a comeback?? Dre comes next, bringing some classic lines through.

"Deep Water"

Kendrick is a problem. Yo, if you wanna say he's comparable to Tupac, go right ahead. Can't deny his flow and wordplay. #Classic. The true highlight here is the production on this track. It's absolutely incredible. A great blend of mini-skits with the music. Very cinematic, yet dramatic.

"One Shot Kill"

The focus here is wordplay, which is very dope. The instrumental is dope, but probably my least favorite on the record.


"Just Another Day"

I'm loving the bounce. Heavy, stadium hitting drums, dope lyrics, catchy hook. The sound of this record is more reminiscent of vintage Dr. Dre production.

"For The Love of Money"

Slowing it down a bit here, but still at dope tempo. This one is a head knocker, block banger. Reminds me of Kendrick Lamar's . A super dope sample playing in the background.


This joint right here got bounce, and some dope ass lyrics on top. Of course, Snoop Dogg does his thing to the max... "Still sippin on that Gin and Juice, yeah i'm still on that potion". His most notable quote. Marsha Ambrosious on the hook again. Dre Must really have believed her voice was key for this albums sonics.



"I'ma product of the system, raised on government aid."

"Medicine Man"

A really cool blend here. A metropolitan, down-townish type feel. The hook is popping, adds a great touch. Okay, Eminem fucks this record up something major. DAMN! Awe man, I wish we had more EM on this album... Would be nice to have seen Kendrick paired up with him on one track. A boy can dream.

"Talking To My Diary"

The closer for this record. Alot of thoughts spilled on this one. Rick Ross is on this one too!? Awe man, nice way to put the sprinkles on the icing. This beat is probably one of the smoothest on the entire album.. Reminds me of some Maybach Music shit.