Controversial Colin Cowherd Yanked from ESPN

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espn drops colin cowherd

Former ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd recently drew criticism for his rant regarding the simplicity of baseball and added that a third of the sport was played by Dominicans, underscoring that even the uneducated could play at a high level in the sport.

Cowherd had already announced his departure from the network but the the firestorm that resulted from his controversial comments caused ESPN to yank Cowherd from the air earlier than intended.

Cowherd has stirred controversy previously with his off the cuff remarks regarding the "mostly white" Oregon and his hammering of star guard John Wall for being a poor teammate, leader and decision-maker citing how Wall growing up in a chaotic atmosphere, some consider the Cowherd rant to be race related.

Even further back in his career Cowherd was criticized for statements regarding the death of Washington Redskins free safety Sean Taylor, stating that, "just because you clean the rug doesn't mean you got everything out. Sometimes you've got stains, stuff so deep it never ever leaves" - basically asserting that Taylor, because of his past, was responsible for his own death at the hands of burglars.

Colin Cowherd is reportedly in talks with Fox Sports.