Could These Possibly Be The Instrumentals For Frank Ocean's Newest Album?

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First and foremost - download Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry "instrumentals" here.

Who isn't upset about Frank Ocean's newest album not being released? It seems as though the entire world is pissed off. If you've been trolling Frank Ocean's websites for the last few weeks, you've noticed his strange yet revealing construction videos that surfaced on his site. Sharpening his tools, chopping wood on camera - music played in the background. Which leaves us all to speculate here at hypefresh:

Are these the exclusive instrumentals to his newest album, boys don't cry? And we all didn't take the time to notice?

At this point a guess is better than anything else. Who knows what Frankie boy has up his sleeve. He's a songwriting genius who's mysteriously intriguing. And up to this point, he's had the world on the edge of their seats about his newest release.

Some die hard fan decided to record every instrumental that live streamed during these videos Mr. Ocean featured himself in. Take a listen and be the judge. Could this be just be a pure coincidence or the real deal? Would Frank Ocean really leak his own music in mysterious videos? Listen below, as were sure these will get taken down pretty soon.