Could This Be the Future of Indoor Furniture for Small Spaces? [Video]

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In today's world in time, technology has advanced beyond human understanding.

The brain of a person is still considered the "super computer" to be reckoned with, without a question. As with forward progress in technology, also come futuristic thinking in general. And this is where the human mind succeeds any PC or Macbook Pro on the market.

I ran across this really cool video, which shows Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner unfolding a large heavy duty cardboard. No flat surfaces here though. Up popped out, like a children's book, a collection of furniture. A small desk and chair. As amazed as I was, I thought to myself for a few mins. "How comfortable can that be? How sturdy and secure is it? Will it be cost efficient, or extremely expensive?

Tons of questions went through my "super computer" in an instant.

Then I realized, this is just a prototype. Not actual furniture, but conceptual design, up for grabs to the first company willing to adapt this idea. If high quality furniture could modulate in an instant, just as this prototype did, it leaves the question in the air - could this be the future of modernized furnishings?

Take for example - moving into a new place. With modern day furnishings, a moving truck is required, and maybe even a few bodies to help with the man power. Now, lets shift to the "pop up" furniture. With just two people, and entire house could be moved in literally minutes, (with the exception of personal items laying around) And in a fraction of time, a whole apt, or even better, a house - could be moved out in maybe a day tops.

Cool right? If this idea happens to actually manifest, there could be some serious competition for some design and home goods companies. But the bigger question still remains, will the the people embrace or reject this revolutionizing of home furnishings? Only time can tell that.


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