Daily Vice Shows Us How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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Ever since hit shows, movies and games such as The Walking Dead, Resident Evil and 28 Days Later, the world has been in a craze about an actual real-world zombie apocalypse. The fantasy of survival, alongside the killing of undead flesh hungry creatures runs in the veins of Americans. All thanks to social media, multimedia and of course - the internet.

In this episode of Daily Vice, we take a vicarious journey at zombie-apocalypse training camp, where the essential survival skills of living amongst the undead is taught. Being prepared is key where the participants who sign up take a thrill ride like no other.

Just imagine being in a zombie storm the ghouls and goblins on earth? Would you be able to gather the necessary survival tools and people to find a safe haven? If so, leave your comments below - as we'd love to hear how you'd make it out of that death-defying situation.

Click the link below to watch the feature.

Watch Here:http://www.vice.com/video/daily-vice-how-to-survive-a-zombie-apocalypse