D'Angelo: "I Kinda Felt Like a Male Stripper"

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Music legend D'Angelo takes to Tavis Smiley's talkshow on PBS, and speaks on his most controversial music video ever released during the 'Voodoo' era of his discography.

"Alot of times, the crowd... or alot of the ladies would be like 'take it off'." Tavis Smiley responds, "You felt objectified." And in a quick nod, D'Angelo agreed. Mostly due to his focus on the musical aspect he was trying to put the focus on during his live shows and performances. (In reference to his previous video "Untitled - How Does It Feel)

Check out the teaser for D’Angelo’s interview with Tavis Smiley above and tune-in to PBS tonight to catch part 1 of the interview.