DeMarcus Cousins Resists the Urge to Punch Steven Adams in the Head

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DeMarcus Cousins could've really messed up yesterday. After getting his leg tangled up in the arms of a floored Steven Adams, he cocked his arm back in frustration of breaking free. The target? The back of Steven Adams' head. If he'd let the cannon loose, who knows how many games he would've been suspended for. Not to mention those huge fines the NBA slaps on their players for doing really mean things to other players

Thankfully, he made the right choice by letting go and carrying on with the game.

We all know how frustrated these guys are out there. Putting it all on the line in the name of winning the game. Sometimes, emotions flare up - and things can get heated. We've seen how some situations on the basketball court end up. Not pretty, at all. Check it out for yourself.