Did Frank Ocean End His Career?

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Frank Ocean In Concert -  New York, NY

Earlier this week, Frank Ocean uploaded a live stream of a lone figure assembling pieces in a construction work room. A source at the New York Times announced that his long awaited album Boys Don't Cry would be releasing today. Of course everybody was in anticipation last night and we received nothing but some Frank Ocean snapchat filters. Around midnight "Frank Ocean" started trending. Immediately following, the trending topic switched to "FRANK OCEAN WYA" as fans grew weary of the long awaited arrival of his album.

So at this point, it's starting to look like we aren't getting a new album. This just leads me to believe that Frank Ocean has pulled a "Lauryn Hill" and has ended his music career. Some fans believe that there is no album, while others still have faith. Personally, I'm losing all faith. It's been 4 years and we've all waited patiently and received nothing.

But all may not be lost. If you pay attention carefully to the image of the library return slip Frank Ocean uploaded on his site, the date November 2016 is the last date on the slip, leaving us to believe that the album may still be released this fall. There's still a tiny bit of hope left for all you Frank fans, but in the meantime, tune into his debut album Channel ORANGE if you'd please.

Listen to Channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean on @AppleMusic. https://itun.es/us/G3ytG