Did Liston Take The Dive? The Ali 'Phantom' Punch Revealed

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May 25th 1965 in Lewiston, Maine, the history of boxing changed because of a 'punch' which barely anyone in the arena watching actually saw.

The defeat permanently ended Liston's career. Ali, fighting under that name for the first time since his name switch from Cassius Clay, defended his world heavyweight title for the first time.

Many to this day feel as though the fight was rigged, or bought out slash "fixed" due to the heavy activity of Mobsters being involved in the sport. There hasn't been any proof to this day if the rumble was illegitimately controlled financially, where a predetermined winner/loser was chosen before the bell.

 Liston indeed, got slept.

Liston indeed, got slept.

But there is one thing that is factual - Ali did strike Liston. And with a slowed down replay, it's very obvious that the strike did in fact hurt. How do we know? Well, Liston never got back up. Not even within 10 seconds the referees give each fighter. Back in those days, technology wasn't as advanced it is today. In the video above, it is visually proven that Ali did knock Liston out.

What do you think? Clean knockout? Or do you feel as though there was some fishy buisness going on? Leave your thoughts below.