Did X-Men Apocalypse Live Up To The Hype?

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If you have yet to see the latest installment of the X-Men franchise, I would suggest you head to the movies on a $5 Tuesday. Or you could steal your little brother ID and go for free, because ladies and gents it is not worth the full price. Point blank, I felt bamboozled. Here's our stance. The intersection between characters was a bit confusing. Granted, the installment is going back in time, but the story lines don't seem to add up. In other words, it needs some better cross examination. The "action scenes" were cheesy. No one died. And it was predictable. Professor X was unlike himself and the the "Four Horsemen "were the least intimidating in the entire film. At the end, we got a brief glimpse of Essex Corp as it will be introduced in what we are assuming to be the second chapter of the X-Men Apocalypse. Or maybe for Wolverine, who sliced 20 men in half just to run into a snow covered forest. His cameo was about 2 minutes long. And to top it all off, the movie was about 2.5 hours too long. I needed fortified vitamins and minerals. Okay maybe that extreme, but point black, I'll give X-Men Apocalypse a 6 out of 10.