Did You Know That Drake "Ghost-Wrote" For Dr. Dre?

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Just after Meek Mill throws a "Twitter-Tantrum" about rappers being able to write their own bars, Drake comes forward and states that he ghost-wrote for Hip Hop Heavyweight and Rap Legend - Dr. Dre. The Canadian superstar doesn't speak on it with ease though, stating it was one of the hardest gigs he's ever faced being a writer.

"It was some of the most strenuous militant shit I’ve ever done. But no useable songs came out of it...When I think of how he worked us, it’s no wonder he didn’t get anything out of it. It was just writers in a room churning out product all day long.” -Drake.

And with this being said, we're not talking about the present. We're speaking on Dre's Death Row era, according to The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory, by author John Seabrook. Looks like Meek Mill owes Drake more than just an apology. How about some ghostwriting, perhaps?