Diddy Opens Up More About Kettlebell Lawsuit (Video)

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Diddy appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning to address several topics including the kettle bell issue.

Of course Charlamagne Tha God, being who he is, tried to pry Diddy open to reveal more about the alleged confrontation between the UCLA strength football coach Sal Alosi. However, Diddy isn't allowed to speak on the lawsuit but, did give a little by saying that is was a "miscommunication" between him and the coach and also that he isn't allowed to attend UCLA practices.

Charlamagne pushed further by asking "Do you know why this is?" To which Diddy replied, "That's a miscommunication" while laughing.

In reference to the lawsuit and his son Justin Combs playing for the school, Diddy stated "When you have a child that plays sports, you're actually giving your child up to those coaches... But I think there's a fine line and times when you just have to communicate, and find out what's going on to be by your child's side."

The lawsuit has been going on for a couple of months now. This is the first time, at least recently, that we've seen Diddy in a big confrontational situation. But, Alosi doesn't have a clean slate either, he got suspended for tripping a Miami Dolphin player in 2010 and according to the Wendy Williams Show, was charged with assaulting three different college students in the past. Regardless of the lawsuit and the current situation, Combs is back on the field at the UCLA football practices.