DISCOVERY: Libretto - "Jesus Had'a Afro."

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Librettoanswers the question which has been debated amongst thousands of generations: Was the messiah Jesus Afrikan? And if so, did he sport an afro? Being a Hip-Hop lyricist backed with knowledge and wisdom as his pen, Libretto puts forth an opinionated conclusion that the son of God is a black man. Ultimately pointing towards the ideology that God too was of Afrikan decent. And he's not speaking out of ignorance as it's clearly stated in the bible:

Daniel 7:9

"... and the hair on his head like the pure wool:"

In addition to these evident facts, Africa is debated to be the origin of humanity's existence. And no, this isn't a race thing. It's just what is believed to be truth. Many may disagree because of difference in opinion. Those open to speculation see the possibilities of this being truth within vast intersections of history. Call it how you want, we can leave this up for professional calculated debate - because there are too many angles.

However, in our personal opinion , we'd agree with Libretto.

In the visual below, take a journey with the man behind the controversial opinion that could spark a riot. Take a few moments to enjoy this visual presentation. Soak in the words and lyrics and you be the judge. What do you think? Could Libretto be correct with his facts pointing to this conclusion? Our comment section is below.

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