Distortedd Creates Artwork That Reaches Into Your Soul

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"I don't want to dilute my artwork for people. I want to keep it the way it is. Even though it might be creepy, I don't know. It's my personality." - Distortedd to Layla Jones, June 10, 2015

Philadelphia's Anhia "Distortedd" Santana creates hauntingly beautiful artwork. It may make your stomach turn when you first see it, and may have you in your feelings later when you think about it. Like any great art though, it makes you feel something, and that's just what she wants.

Drawing her artistic influences from growing up in the city as well as the trap music of artists like Gucci Mane (of whom she's created a memorable animated short for), Distortedd has created a theme of self-discovery and individuality through her work.

A lover of pop-culture and creative works ranging from the Powerpuff Girls to Star Wars, Distortedd has also developed a skillful reputation for "distorting" different icons and images by recreating them with her own exuberant touch.

With a common thread of swirling eyes used to invoke the dramatic way in which her characters see the world around them, Distortedd has gained the support of 11,000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram. Between live painting sessions at exhibits nationwide and the support of entertainers like Action Bronson and Erykah Badu, Distortedd's unique vision has given those sometimes seen as outcasts a greater connection to the world in which we all live in.

For more from Distortedd, visit Distortedd.com.