Does Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Visual Take It Too Far?

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Taylor Swift has managed to do it again. What exactly? Stir the pot of the World's emotions with her newly released visual "Shake It Off" which dropped a few days back. The now 'Pop' star who started off as a Country crooner has had massive success with her latest album '1989', which don's a slew of hits on record. However, the video to one of those Billboard toppers - "Shake It Off" - draws a mixed message which becomes questionable to it's intention.

Huff Post Live covers the topic on why some Black women have had mixed feelings about Taylor's new visual, analyzing it's details with guest speakers Treva Lindsey and Everdeen Mason.

Treva Lindsey (Professor Of Women's Gender & Sexuality, Ohio State Univ.), who takes the approach of pointing out her personal negatives saying Taylor Swift's dancing attempts were "failing miserably" and that it was "really troubling" to watch as an African-American viewer. Mostly due to her perceived hidden message dicovery of a racial "objective" or undertone throughout the visual.

Everdeen Mason (Refinery29) was completely the opposite in her thoughts, saying she "didn't feel offended at all" while watching, and recognizes the efforts from Taylor's "uniting" various races on screen. She also points at her expectations prior to watching, preparing to be offended, when she wound up not being at all.

Watch Taylor's new video below, and be sure to watch the indepth discussion above. Does Taylor Swift get a pass on this one? Or is this all blown out of proportion? You be the judge.