Dog Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon And Comes 7th

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According to Runner's World, a two and a half year old bloodhound snuck out of her owner's backyard garden over the weekend and crushed the competition in the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon, in Alabama.

The owner of the athletic pup April Hamlin said she opened the door to let the dog pee... Only to find out later that her dog completed a 13.1 mile marathon.

The dog (who's name is Ludivine) finished in 7th place, with an impressive time of 1:32:56.

"My first reaction was that I was embarrassed and worried that she had possibly gotten in the way of the other runners." said Hamlin.

One of the competing runners, Tim Horvath reflects on the dog before the race:

"I saw her for the first time in the parking lot before the race. She came bouncing up, and I petted her on the head. I saw her collar, so I just figured she was somebody's dog. Elkmont is a small town where everyone knows everybody, so it didn't strike me as unusual."

Ludivine even received a medal for finishing the course. How cool is that???

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