Donald Trump and Ben Carson Muslim Remarks & Actions Aren't Right

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"No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification of any Office or public Trust under the United States."

I felt like it was necessary to start out with this after comments were made by GOP presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

In terms of politics, I'm very open to hearing thoughts and comments from both Republicans and Democrats before I create my own opinion on who I will vote for. But, when a candidate makes any comments or allows others to make false comments, I tend to have a problem with that.

According to Fox News, Donald Trump didn't correct a town hall questioner when they called President Obama a non-American Muslim and Ben Carson said that a Muslim shouldn't be president.

Now Fox News guests talked about how the focus isn't necessarily on how Trump should correct the town hall person's comments and so forth. However, shouldn't some of the focus be on the fact that Trump and Carson are currently playing on the "U.S. against Muslims" card and not stating true facts?

Politicians are politicians, we know that they don't always tell the truth. But, when the truth is deflected or not taken into account and it has a chance to affect a group of individuals who already receive prejudice, that's just not right. Now, I'm not just saying this because it's about Obama, if it was about another presidential candidate, I would say the same thing.

What happened on 9/11 is unforgettable and horrible. Many people lost their lives, their loved ones and family members.

And in the same breath, we cannot judge an entire group of people (millions and millions of people), who are Muslims, based on the actions of a few.

If you look at history, Christians weren't entirely innocent, killing many Native Americans during the voyage over to the new lands and of course slavery. So, should we cast a dark light on all Christians based on what others have done? No. Should we judge every Christian based on how the Westboro Baptist Church is like or Jonestown aka the Peoples Temple, which had roots and teachings that stem from the bible. No.

Generalizing an entire group based on radicals or a group of individuals is never good and causes more problems and more division than anything. Right now, isn't a time for us to divide as a country.

So, if you feel like our problems are based on millions and millions of people who are may want to look at home and see what we as United States citizens and even Christians, if you are one, can do better to make our country and world a better place.