Someone Made Donald Trump The Villain In Classic Nintendo Games

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Donald Trump has but a bad taste in the mouths of everyone. Now the world of gamers hate him too. The artist that has openly expressed his disdain for the republican nominee? Artist Jeff Hong.

“The whole purpose of the site is to parody Trump and make him look like the bad guy” in the game, Hong told Motherboard in a telephone interview. “To make sure that people don’t think I’m pro-Trump, I put Bernie Sanders in a few of the games just to show that this is a parody against Trump. That’s the most important thing I was trying to get across, trying to make this as anti-Trump as I can.”

After personal launching of gaming ROM - Trumptendo, players can now game on with a group of old school Nintendo Entertainment System video games that replaces antagonists like Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Mike Tyson with The Donald. The games are fully functional and can be played inside any web browser that supports Adobe Flash (which rules out mobile devices, unfortunately). In 2014, Hong did a similar project with punk rock legends called "Punktendo."

Download the ROM and Play it today for yourself to whoop up on Donald's tail in the name of classic gaming.