Don't freak out about the Marge and Homer Simpson Separation rumors just yet

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In an interview with Variety, it was spilled that Marge and Homer would legally separate in the first episode and fans rushed to social media to express their concern.

This was not the only news that executive producer and showrunner Al Jean dropped on viewers. Bart Simpson will be "killed" in a Halloween episode by Sideshow Bob.

The Twitter world was visibly upset.

Twitter was upset about Marge and Homer seperation

But Jean clarified the rumors.

Al jean corrects twitter about homer marge separation

Even the The Simpsons account posted this not so subtle tweet.

homer and marge are not breaking up

As you can see he never said, "divorce." The worried world just rushed to conclusions. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. The new season premieres on September 27.