Don't Just Set Trends, Longevity is More Important

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Companies and artists that are the most successful know their audience and supporters well and use the right channels to reach them.

They know the trends that are more likely to appeal to their targeted audience who would be interested in their business.

Over time, a successful trend will also continually tweak its efforts based on the results each campaign is getting. If you pay attention to what works you will be able to give better and do even more.

Surround Yourself with Innovators

A leader is only as good as their team. When you hire a staff that's creative and resourceful in their approach to planning, each time you need to approach a new problem, you'll have access to a trove of unique ideas. Your team needs to research and be open and innovative.

What's important, Trends or Longevity?

Consumer habits change; when that happens, unprepared businesses crumble. For lasting success, business owners must not only know the market but create a product that addresses a long-term need.

Important TIP: Long-term need.

So it's cool to be knowledgeable and aware of trends but it's more important to know what will last over TIME.

KNOW what's popular but don't forget to be around when the smoke clears ...