Drake Comments on Alton Sterling Death

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Although Drake has remained out of the limelight lately, the Toronto took an opportunity last night to go public with his thoughts on current events, specifically centered around the death of Alton Sterling.

Drake Alton Sterling

Sterling, 37, was killed Tuesday outside of a convenience store in Louisiana for selling CDs. His death, according to killedbypolice, was the 595th of 2016.

This isn't the first time Drake has spoke about police brutality. In "6PM In New York," Drake rapped about the topic.

"And I heard someone say something that stuck with me a lot / 'Bout how we need protection from those protectin' the block / Nobody lookin' out for nobody / Maybe we should try and help somebody or be somebody / Instead of bein' somebody that makes the news / So everybody can tweet about it / And then they start to R.I.P. about it / And four weeks later nobody even speaks about it / Damn, I just had to say my piece about it / Oh, you gotta love it."

It is positive to see someone like Drake, with as large of a platform as his, maintain a public consciousness of 2016 realities.