Drake's Dad Is Dropping An Album?

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We seem to be in the era of music where everyone wants to put their toe in the water and see how comfortable the water is, that is no exception for Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham. Papa Graham recently starred in the new music video for Canadian brand Arkells‘ song, titled “Drake’s Dad.”

One of the band members stated that this song was based on an encounter with Dennis while the band was randomly hanging out in Graham’s backyard of Memphis.

“Last summer I was on a road trip with my best friends through the American south, and in the magic of the night, we happened to meet Drake’s dad – Dennis Graham – in a Memphis bar…He couldn’t have been more gracious, especially given that there were 16 of us, drunk on friendship and cheap American beer. This chance encounter inspired this song.”

I guess this experience inspired Dennis, he has just announced that he is making an R&B album. I don't know if I should give a standing ovation or stay in my seat. Like son, like father I guess. It has been reported by TMZ that Drake's dad, Dennis Graham is looking to launch/relaunch his own music career. Word is that Papa Graham and Jimmy Iovine’s son Jamie Iovine are in turn releasing an R&B album. Dennis’s debut track, “Kinda Crazy,” there was a video clip that was released highlighting Dennis Graham sporting a clean white suit and an OVO owl chain. But the real question is - Are we going to get a Drake and Dennis Graham collaboration in the future?