Drapes Of Lust, Runway Fall/Winter 14'

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Veronica Saparo
Veronica Saparo
Veronica Saparo
Veronica Saparo
Veronica Saparo
Veronica Saparo
Veronica Saparo

Ashley Scott, the mastermind behind Drapes Of Lust (which premiered it's men's collection on HYPEFRESH® earlier in the year), is now launching their Fall/Winter collection for the ladies. 

Veronica Saparo

Drapes of Lust, the second collection for the seven deadly sins series will tell three stories of seduction and sensuality while combining theatre, performance and runway, as well as Draped installations.

With an epic collaboration between some of Chicago's most talented artists, Drapes Of Lust put on a preview show this past September for a select audience in viewing. The focus of the evening? Texture, restriction and the adornment of the back. A very sensual part of the body that is often neglected in accessories.

When the show ended, Drapes Of Lust extended it previewing at a viewing exhibition in Chicago. (MANE) If you're in the area, you can check it out too by contacting the museum that houses the exquisite accessories. MANEchicago.com312-988-0297, 1119 W Grand ave. (tues-sat)

Credits for the show include: 

Curator-Chad Edwards

Soundtrack- Jeremiah Meece
Movement- Daniel Romeu
Visual Stimulation-Sarah Weis
Intermission Video Tales -Joe Esquivel
Projectionist-Bob Zegler
Model, cinematographer, videographer-Steve Matiasek Johnny TwoTimes
Videographer- Jeremy Jdcollinsfilms Collins
Hair and Makeup- Mane Salon

Kristina Marie Dove
Celina Marie
Alex Carter
Heather Lynn
Yenna Park Schoenfeldt
Nayoung Hyun
Vi Phan
Sarah Weis
Una Delic
Jack Theodore
Daniel Romeu