Dreamy Clouds By Brooklyn Whelan

The elements reimagined.
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Hailing from Sydney, Brooklyn Whelan shows his unwavering appreciation for the elements, culling inspiration from the weather to create a beautiful iteration of paintings that honor mother nature. Dubbed, "Return to Magneta" the entire collection was created using acrylic paints which fully capture the essence of dreamy pink and murky skies. 

When asked about the collection, Whelan said:

  “I constantly find myself staring into oncoming storms. I do not merely want to capture the image with my painting; rather, with strong bold strokes, I want to give it life and energy, also the sense of fantasy that one might see in an 80’s sci fi – Powerful electricity, but with a tone of grace, softness and movement.”  

Slated as one of Australia's leading contemporary artists, his work is what we like to call the relationship of power and beauty. Check it out above and see more of his work here